Auditor Spotlight: Marcelo Barreto Rodrigues

CaseWare Analytics recently had the opportunity to speak with Marcelo Barreto Rodrigues (IM), Rear Admiral and General Director of Internal Control Center of Brazil’s Navy, to discuss the Navy’s use of data analytics. Here’s some of the reasons why he’s an advocate for data analysis tools.


Q: Why did your organization get started with data analysis software?


A: We first adopted data analytics to facilitate auditing at the Internal Control Center. We knew that it was preferable to traditional audits for many reasons, including:


  • Reduced time and travel costs for audits

  • More frequent audits

  • Faster reporting of results, allowing timely action to be taken

  • Reinforced control environments, which dissuades reprehensible actions, unproductiveness and carelessness at work


Q: Why was CaseWare IDEA your data analysis software of choice?



A: My coworker was familiar with the software and knew it had been successful in other governmental agencies. Plus there are many benefits to using IDEA, including that it can import virtually any type of file, such as text files, reports in text or PDF format, Excel and other databases. It also has functions specifically for auditors, including join, comparison, summarization and data stratification. IDEA is very easy to navigate, especially when it’s necessary to create several secondary databases from a main database. It’s great too that users don’t need to have specific knowledge of databases to do this.



Q: What are some interesting things you can do with your data analytics tool?



A: We can cross reference and compare data saved in different Navy systems, both internal and external, to identify irregular or duplicate payments, for example. We can also verify present facts, make timely corrections, and perform preventive fiscal inspections—online and on time.



Q: How did data analysis software affect your audits?



A: It changed the dynamics of our audit processes, which were previously performed through manual reconciliations. Now they are automated through conciliations of the databases of the Brazilian Navy and other agencies of the federal government.



Q: How do you convince others to use data analysis software?



A: By simply presenting the results obtained from using the tool. I’ve already suggested to other militar  organizations that they should use a data analysis solution that improves the effectiveness of control processes. We also share our successes in continuous auditing with the Internal Control Centers of the other Armed Forces, showing how much time and costs for audits can be reduced.



To learn more about how other auditors are using IDEA to improve their audits, check us out on SlideShare, where you can find more Auditor Spotlights and a variety of information and tips for using IDEA.



Auditor Spotlight: Marcelo Barreto Rodrigues from CaseWare Analytics



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