Banking for the Future A 2020 Vision for Audit Data Analytics

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It’s hard to move from legacy systems to modern digital systems, but it’s a job Ian Kirton knows well. As Senior Audit Manager of TSB Bank, he implemented a strategy to manage this digital transformation through the skillful application of data analytics. And he wants to help you do the same!


Join Ian Kirton for a CaseWare IDEA webinar on the data analytics opportunities and challenges for internal audit in 2020.

In this presentation, he’ll:


  • Provide a deeper understanding of digitization and the opportunities it creates for analytics.
  • Discuss data ethics in a banking context.
  • Explore some of the data risks that may impact audit results.
  • Outline the components of a data analytics strategy and how to embed analytics into the audit process.
  • Share practical examples of how data analytics can be used to improve audit results, and much more.


While geared towards professionals in the banking and financial services industries, this presentation is suitable for anyone moving from legacy to modern systems.