Auditor Spotlight: Aaron Boor

Recently, Caseware Analytics talked with Aaron Boor, IT Audit and Project Automation Manager, Internal Audit at Donegal Insurance Group to discuss why he uses Caseware IDEA Data Analysis software in his work. Here’s a look at what he had to say:

Q: What are some memorable accomplishments you’ve had using IDEA?


A: We had a project that would have taken about 400 hours to complete, not including review time with external auditors. By having IDEA connect directly to various databases to obtain read-only copies of data, we quickly and easily pulled, joined, blended, analyzed and combined with multiple datasets. We maintained the integrity of the records while also analyzing 100% of the data in a third of the time. That’s a lot of time, and time is money!


Q: How do you most enjoy using IDEA?


A: I like analyzing data in areas that people believe have been “working” for years and identifying anomalies that have been there for years, too. Even using only the software’s basic features you can find things you wouldn’t normally expect. Thanks to IDEA 10’s Visualization and Discover features, you click one button and suddenly you have an entire dashboard for that dataset. Being able to visualize data that quickly is really beneficial.


Q: Is there any advice you give to your team during audits?


A: I encourage my team to request more information than they think they need. We need to exceed expectations in order to add value. Being able to analyze all of that additional data lets us do that. I also remind them to consult with colleagues and data owners to help them see possibilities in the data that they may not realize are there.


Q: How has data analytics positively impacted your department?


A: Organizationally we are seen as more than a typical internal audit department. Now that we’ve performed data analysis for multiple departments, word has spread about what we can do with our data analysis software and the types of insights we can deliver. Management now seeks us out to answer questions about their data. Our ability to analyze full datasets across multiple platforms and provide statistical insights into real questions has further strengthened our relationship with management.


Q: Why did you choose IDEA?


A: IDEA was introduced to me as “Excel on steroids”, and that is a perfect description. I can analyze records with the click of a button rather than spending days or weeks manually sifting through data. Add in the ability to hone in on anomalies and establish reoccurring analyses and it was clear that this tool was a game-changer. To be able to set a process to run in the morning before you come in to work and have exceptions waiting for you to research when you arrive is extremely valuable.


To learn more about how Aaron uses IDEA, watch his video testimonial:




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