The Best Way to Import Accounting Package Data Into IDEA

Easily Import General Ledger Data Directly Into IDEA With This Robust Feature


Speeding up the audit workflow has never been more important due to the technological change the audit industry is facing. Auditors experience the pressure to deliver more value with less resources, while understanding the future risk that comes from the shifts that emerging technologies bring.  Despite these challenges, audit firms can pave the way towards a successful audit by tapping into the capabilities technology delivers. One technological solution auditors are increasingly leveraging is data analytics, making it a significant part of the audit workflow.


The first step of using data analytics is importing data. However, without the CaseWare Accounting Package feature importing records in the data analysis software can be unnecessarily cumbersome.  Typically, auditors would have to bring in the data manually or convert the data into another format. Not only is this a time-consuming process, importing records manually puts audit teams at risk for wasted time and worse, potentially inaccurate data.


Auditors can simplify data import, and accelerate the audit workflow with the CaseWare Accounting Package import feature. In just a few steps, a utility transforms the data from the supported accounting software into a standard import for IDEA; a process that wasted time and money is now automated into a few clicks.  


Fewer clicks and fewer steps create an increased capacity to quickly react to the possible changes your organization faces. Auditors who are not bogged down by time-consuming processes can allocate their resources to experiment with new types of analysis.


How to Start Using the CaseWare Accounting Package Tool


To get started, first download the CaseWare Accounting Package optional component and the Cloud Import Utility. Both are available for download through Passport.


To import General Ledger data into IDEA:


  1. Run the Cloud Import Utility file downloaded from Passport.


  1. Select the Accounting Package and the version you are importing from, the location you are saving to, plus any other settings of the import you require. The Cloud Import Utility creates a ZIP file that is consumable by IDEA, which you can save to your desktop.


  1. Open IDEA, start the Import Assistant, select CaseWare Accounting Package and browse to the zip you created.


All the client’s records are now in the data analysis software enabling auditors to shift focus on the analysis and derive deeper insights.


The CaseWare Accounting Package is just one more way data analysis software allows leadership to harness the full capabilities of the audit team. By getting the most out of the audit analytics solution, audit teams become more capable to face challenges that come with changes in the market, work more effectively together and try fresh ideas. Download the CaseWare Accounting Package Optional Component today and push the envelope towards a more effective audit.


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