CaseWare IDEA Helps Canadian Red Cross Maintain Control Oversight During COVID-19 Pandemic

UPDATE: CaseWare lends support to help the Canadian Red Cross maintain control oversight during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


CaseWare IDEA is offering clients, partners, and friends all around the world its support during the devastating COVID-19 global pandemic. Notably, CaseWare IDEA has been supporting the Canadian Red Cross’ efforts to maintain control oversight through this period.


The industry-leading data analytics software company is reassuring customers that it will continue to provide attentive and uninterrupted service and support throughout this period, even as the effects of the pandemic continue to disrupt businesses and personal lives in every corner of the world.


“We are fortunate to work in an industry and environment that lend themselves to remote support and communication between our staff and our many thousands of clients spread across the globe,” said CaseWare IDEA General Manager Matt Dodds. “We are committed to providing the same level of outstanding service our clients have come to expect, and we encourage those in need of additional support and accommodations during this time to reach out to their local distributor or account manager.”


All CaseWare IDEA employees have been working remotely since March 9, and communications with distributors and clients have remained largely unaffected. 


“We realize many of our customers are also required to work from home and this can be challenging,” Dodds continued. “We want to enable IDEA users to work remotely as seamlessly and effortlessly as possible.” 


“We are confident we will collectively weather this storm, and as such, we continue to develop and enhance our robust data analytics offering through this period and we are excited for what lies ahead,” he added. 


CaseWare IDEA is well-positioned to help users continue to execute audit-related activities unimpeded through this time. Its cloud-based products enable remote collaboration between audit teams and their clients, ensuring required audit-related projects can progress.


CaseWare IDEA users with any questions are encouraged to reach out to their local distributor or contact us directly.





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