CaseWare IDEA partners with IAPA International to help member firms drive more effective audits using data analytics

Ottawa, ON – November 2018 – International leader in audit data analytics, CaseWare IDEA is thrilled to announce today it has entered into a new partnership with IAPA, a global association of independent accounting, law and business advisory firms. As a part of IAPA’s new process to build strategic alliances with external providers, CaseWare IDEA has been selected for its innovative analytics solutions, and this partnership facilitates access to the flagship product, IDEA® Data Analysis Software. For the past 25 years, auditors rely on IDEA every day as an essential part of their role to expand the depth of data analysis, increase productivity and feel confident in their findings by testing 100% of the population. Moreover, this partnership will enable IAPA members to take advantage of all these benefits and ultimately deliver better audit results.


“Innovation in data analytics is changing the audit methodology, and CaseWare is at the forefront of that change,” says Matt Dodds, General Manager of CaseWare IDEA. “We feel this partnership can help IAPA members enhance both the quality and the efficiency of their audits.”


“The accounting industry is changing rapidly, and there are stronger requirements to apply data analytics in our engagement,” says H. Ozgur Demirdoven, CEO of IAPA. “The evolution of technology helps us stay ahead of the game, and this partnership with Caseware allows IAPA members to transform their audit approach in an efficient and cost-effective way. I am delighted to offer this opportunity to all our members, and we would like to expand our collaboration with the Working Papers side of the business.”


“When IAPA and CaseWare come together, we empower each IAPA member to produce valuable insights and digitally transform their business,” says Rohit Kundu, Global Account Executive of CaseWare IDEA. “By adopting IDEA, using our library of apps and taking advantage of this partnership, it allows them to amplify what they already do – achieving effective audits.”


Through partnering with IAPA, an organization known for both its knowledge of local cultures, customers and regulations, and global presence, CaseWare IDEA shows its commitment to setting up auditors with the tools and processes necessary to drive success in the industry.


About CaseWare IDEA


CaseWare IDEA is an internationally recognized data analytics software company that provides solutions for auditors, finance professionals and compliance officers in the banking, accounting, government, healthcare, utilities, insurance and online retail sectors.  A leader in the audit and accounting industries for over 25 years, IDEA® Data Analysis Software equips auditors, accountants and other finance professionals with a toolkit that allows them to perform data analysis quickly for various audit-related tasks: from payroll monitoring to providing assurance. Caseware solutions are used by over 500,000 users, in 172 countries and are available in 17 languages. To learn more visit


About IAPA


IAPA is a global association of independent accounting, law and business advisory firms who provide accountancy, audit, tax advisory, legal and business consultancy services. Our members are committed to providing a personal, sustainable service to their clients, offering global expertise and support through their individual experience and local knowledge.