IDEA Academic Partnership Program Supports Douglas College Audit Technology Programs

Everywhere you look in audit and accounting, the use of technology and data analytics is expanding, including in the classroom. Vancouver’s Douglas College’s accounting program, which helps students apply financial technology as they learn, is a great example of this.


That’s why Caseware recently donated technology and services to Douglas College’s Commerce & Business Administration Accounting Program. The resources provided will support the college’s ongoing efforts to advance audit practices through the use of technology.


As a result of the in-kind donation valued at $100,000.00, Douglas College’s accounting students will gain practical experience working in audit teams to conduct automated analysis of various data sets.


“The donation of Caseware IDEA’s technology is vital to our student’s learning and practical experience,” said George Stroppa, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration at Douglas College. “As potential future CPAs, our degree and post-degree students will have the opportunity to apply data analytics techniques to perform more effective and efficient audits. These are the job-ready skills that prepare them for work in accounting firms. As our world continues to swiftly change, Douglas College accounting students will be well prepared to be flexible and adaptable to our ever-changing environment.”



Douglas College Accounting graduates are well recognized for the academic rigour of the university and for embodying the applied, real-world skills necessary to achieve academic and career success.  Over 92% of BBAA grads are employed today.


As a leading supplier of software for data analytic and continuous auditing, Caseware IDEA is proud to support the work of Douglas College students—work which will significantly enhance the audit and finance professions.


“Caseware is continually pursuing new solutions to address business issues, and continuous auditing is at the forefront of our efforts,” said Rohit Kundu, Global Account Executive, Caseware IDEA. “Douglas College produces well-rounded professionals entering the workforce, and we are pleased to assist them in giving future auditors exposure to next generation technologies they will be using in their careers.”


Caseware’s auditing platform strives to enhance business and audit processes through providing executives with the ability to automate controls analysis, and detect errors or abuses across multiple systems in real time. The benefits of automated analysis and alert systems enable businesses to establish an accountability system that is second to none, effectively enhancing the governance structure within any organization.


About the IDEA Academic Partnership Program


The Caseware IDEA Academic Program provides post-secondary institutions free access to IDEA Data Analysis software, tools and resources to incorporate into their course curriculum. Students enrolled in the course are provided with their own copy of IDEA and teachers can utilize the Caseware Workbook with sample data to incorporate exercises, real- world scenarios and quizzes into their analytics course.


Participation in the Caseware IDEA Academic program is open to accredited post-secondary institutions such as Universities and Colleges as well as vocational adult education academies. Participating institutions are expected to incorporate the use of IDEA into their curriculum in courses related to audit, finance and accounting, data analytics, fraud detection or other related subject matter.


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