Product Close-Up: What’s New in IDEA® 10.1

CaseWare Analytics has launched the newest version of IDEA® Data Analysis software, and this release is all about the new capabilities offered by the Visualization feature. Take a peek at the top new features available in IDEA 10.1, including new chart types and the ability to drill further down into your data for deeper analysis. Windows users will also be happy to note that IDEA 10.1 now supports Windows 10.


New Chart Types


Line and scatter charts are now standard options within IDEA’s Visualize task. Use line charts to identify trends or scatter charts to quickly identify data clusters as well as outliers requiring further investigation.



Examine the Underlying Data from Your Visualize Charts


With IDEA 10.1, you can now analyze or drill down into the underlying data behind the total values for select field statistics panels. Use this feature to quickly view the associated data within a category or identify areas that need to be examined more closely.        



Get a True Picture of Your Visualized Data


Now you can simply click on a check box to exclude zeros, blanks and errors data that appear on the x-axis of your Visualize charts. This gives you a true picture of your data quickly and efficiently without the need for you to manually exclude data that are skewing your analysis.   



Quickly Export Visualized Data into IDEA for Complete Analytics


To provide a more detailed analysis, IDEA 10.1 offers the Create IDEAScript feature, which allows you to click on a bar, node, slice or column in a chart—or on certain field statistic panels—to create IDEAScript macros from that data. These macros can then be used by IDEA for more insights and detailed analysis. 



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About Alain Soublière:

Alain Soublière has many years of experience working with computer audit software. He worked in a senior management role as the IDEA Product Manager for many years before becoming Director of Product strategy for CaseWare Analytics and more recently the Chief Product Strategist.   

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