Product Close-Up: What’s New in IDEA 10.2

The newest version of IDEA Data Analysis software has been released, and users can expect to enjoy important improvements in the Visualization task and SmartAnalyzer, as well as general performance enhancements. If you haven’t done so already, we highly recommend upgrading to IDEA 10.2.  Here’s why:

Visualization enhancements
Visualization has been upgraded, giving auditors and financial professionals the ability to build reusable dashboard views of their business that can be reused for any period of data—without having to edit the design or manually change elements.


Reusable dashboards mean big time savings for busy professionals. Now you can, for example, create a composite view of sales for one month, then reuse that design for all future months by simply selecting the “Reuse” option and switching the source to the latest sales data.



In addition, the “Reuse” function of IDEA dashboards is robust enough to maintain backwards compatibility, even if additional columns are added to the layout of sales data in the future.


Another innovation is the addition of multi-series analysis in Visualization.  With this, Visualization can be used to compare different periods of data in the same chart, so an auditor can dashboard sales performance year-over-year, month-over-month or whatever is most useful to the business.



Pie charts in Visualization are now better at handling edge cases, such as missing and erroneous categories; they also automatically create an “Others” category for any categories that make up less than 1% of the entire population. This help identify challenging data in cases where data quality is less than perfect.


For users of Visualization who need a bit more screen space to better display their charts, Version 10.2 of IDEA has added a button to collapse the “Field Stats” section at the top of the page. Laptop users will find this especially useful.



IDEA Server


With older versions of IDEA, IDEA Server required specific Client versions to operate. Now, though, there is greater flexibility, allowing the platform to work with a wider range of IDEA Client versions.


To make deployment easier, documentation and user installation guides for IDEA Client and Server have been updated and simplified.  Improvements have also been made to how revoked Corporate Licenses are handled; they can now be reinstated within 60 days, which cuts down on administrative time.




SmartAnalyzer now has the ability to merge the workflows of two separate apps into one by dragging and dropping. This allows different users to work on their respective sections separately, saving time during the development phase.  Other improvements include silent importing of apps, the ability to change standard field names, and the ability for developers to specify whether a test should support data in Unicode format.


For more information about IDEA Version 10.2, including on how you can upgrade, find a distributor near you now or contact us for more information.



About Jeffery Sorensen, IDEA Product Manager

Jeff is a certified instructor with eight years of international consulting experience and more than 20 years of experience in information technology. Holding positions within IT auditing, project management, and as an IT consultant, Jeff has implemented continuous auditing, monitoring and governance, risk and control (GRC) solutions for clients in both the public and private sectors.  Connect:  Jeffery Sorensen