Webinar series: Accelerating time to insights with data analytics

CaseWare Analytics is happy to share with you a recent webinar series we hosted with presenter Scott Jones, CIA, CRMA at Elbit Systems of America. This three-part series, called ‘Accelerating time to insights with data analytics’, sees Scott demonstrating some of the key capabilities of CaseWare IDEA Data Analysis software and offering practical tips for using data analytics to quickly reveal insights. Here is a brief rundown of what Scott covered in each part of the series:

Part 1: Discover your data


In the first installment of the series, Scott sets out the advantages of using data analytics in an audit, focusing on why analyzing an entire data population is preferable to random sampling. Viewers are shown how to use some of IDEA’s simple operations to perform complex analyses. Scott then leads us through how to take the first steps of an audit project: importing files, comparing them to the source data to ensure the import was accurate and complete, and creating and adjusting a dashboard filled with data visualizations.



Part 2: Using audit-specific tasks


Next Scott delves into the audit-specific tasks included in IDEA, including duplicate key detection, summarization, fuzzy logic, and join. Through actual demonstrations of each function, he provides tips and guidance for using the tools effectively during an audit.



Part 3: Creating and using custom scripts


In the conclusion of the webinar series, Scott covers more advanced features of IDEA as well as the tests that are pre-programmed into SmartAnalyzer, an IDEA add on. He provides information on other useful unit operations—such as append databases, top records, Benford’s Law and sampling—that can be used to drill down into the data. Viewers are also walked through the History and Project Overview features within IDEA and how to maximize their value.



Interested in making the switch from spreadsheets to a data analytics tool? Read our white paper, ‘Forget Excel! 5 Reasons to Switch to a Real Data Analytics Tool for Audits’ for more information on why you should.



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