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Full Stack Developer


Toronto, Canada





Who we are:

[Haven’t heard of us? That’s ok – ask your CPA or CA friend – they’ll talk your ear off!]


CaseWare is the great, Toronto- headquartered technology company you’re going to hear more and more about, as we continue to evolve our products and grow our team. We are a product driven company, supporting accounting firms, corporations, and governments. With innovation, efficiency, quality and value in mind, we build market software solutions for auditors that push the technological boundaries in the industry. With a global reach, today our solutions enable business critical work for users in 130 countries and in 16 spoken languages. We have a track record of success building great products and teams by always putting our customers first, and have over 30 years of deep expertise in the space. CaseWare is now in our next growth phase and needs incredible talent- like you.


The long and short: We are building great products to support customers we care deeply about. To do that we need incredible talent. Interested? Read more below on how you can be a part of the CaseWare journey.


A bit about the role & team | the opportunity:

CaseWare has been a leading provider of software to help the external audit market for the last 30 years, but over the past year our little team has been tasked with creating software for internal auditors too. You might be wondering why we can’t use the same software for both internal and external auditors and it’s because they do very different roles. External auditors audit the financials of a company and internal auditors audit everything else. Seriously, they do.


So as a Full-Stack Developer on the Internal Audit Working Papers (IAWP) team you’ll be working to create software to help internal auditors all over the world. Their job is complex with a lot of moving pieces and our job is to provide the software to help them out. On our team, you’ll not only be exposed to various technologies but also to various parts of a business. You’ll work frequently with Product, QA and Design so you are always aware of how the code you are writing is solving a real-world problem.


Joining a team in the early days and working on a relatively new product is a pretty amazing experience. You’ll have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions and to have an impact. We are lean, we are smart, and we live for balance – there are no mandatory 60-hour work weeks here.


Highlight of your responsibilities:
[impossible to highlight everything, but this gives you a solid glimpse]


When we say full-stack, we mean full-stack. Here is how a week could look for a developer on Internal Audit Working Papers:

  • Monday: Writing PostgreSQL queries to create new projects in our system.
  • Tuesday: Creating APIs in NodeJS/Express or C#/.NET (yes, we use both) to support all those fancy queries you wrote on Monday.
  • Wednesday: Battling ReactJS/Redux, HTML and CSS to ensure that the modal you’re working on matches the designs perfectly and is responsive.
  • Thursday: Participate in architecture sessions to ensure our customers have a safe, secure way to reset their passwords.
  • Friday: Attend product and design sessions so you can provide your feedback on the product and know what is coming down the pipeline.


Snapshot of problems you’ll be solving:
[read below and see if this gets you excited; there are some cool things to tackle and where you will have tremendous impact]


Over the past year developers on our team have tackled problems that include, but are not limited to:

  • Designing a multi-tenant architecture from scratch
  • Creating dozens of reusable components in ReactJS/Redux
  • Working with the production operations team to get our application working in AWS
  • Researching, testing and picking an authentication provider to securely authenticate our users
  • Securely integrating with other CaseWare software to provide CaseWare users with a seamless experience