The Best Way to Import Accounting Package Data Into IDEA

Easily Extract the True Value From Your General Ledger Data With This Robust Tool


What if you didn’t have to waste time on mundane tasks and instead shift your focus on driving a more effective audit? What if you could increase efficiencies so well that you could try new things, improve the way your audit team worked and react quicker to the constant change your organization faces?


An inefficient workflow can stand in the way of achieving these goals, and a specific hurdle auditors face is data import. Without a tool such as the CaseWare Accounting Package, accessing data from an accounting package is unnecessarily cumbersome – especially when managing datasets from multiple clients that exist in different accounting solutions. Importing records from several different solutions such as Quickbooks, SAGE and ACCPAC requires you to be put it in an importable format. This can be time-consuming. Also, managing multiple client’s data makes it difficult to standardize your data, which puts your team at risk for wasted time and inaccurate reporting. Especially as organizations leverage IT solutions, and as technology becomes more sophisticated and commonplace, there is a large volume of data to analyze. This can seem daunting, or it can feel like you don’t have the time.


We created the CaseWare Accounting Package to solve these problems. Released in IDEA 10.4, this robust tool allows you to easily import records from almost any accounting package in just a couple of steps. With fewer clicks, it’s never been easier to deliver a powerful analysis. When you transform your audit workflow, you can act more agile; smoother processes create an increased capacity to quickly react to possible change your organization faces. Now you can use your resources on experimenting with new types of analysis. Your team can ask the burning questions about improving your organization that you never had the time for.


How to Use the CaseWare Accounting Package Import


To get started, first download the CaseWare Accounting Package tool and the Cloud Import Utility. Both are available for download through Passport.


To import General Ledger data into IDEA:


  1. Run the Cloud Import Utility file downloaded from Passport.


  1. Select the Accounting Package and the version you are importing from, the location you are saving to, plus any other settings of the import you require. The File Wizard creates a ZIP file that is consumable by IDEA, which you can save to your desktop.


  1. Open IDEA, start the Import Assistant, select CaseWare Accounting Package and browse to the zip you created.


All your client’s records are now in the data analysis software and you can focus on your analysis and derive deeper insights; now you have more time to spend on actual analytics!


The CaseWare Accounting Package is just one more way data analysis software allows leadership to harness the full capabilities of your team. By getting the most out of your audit analytics solution, your team becomes more capable: to face challenges that come with changes in the market, work more effectively together and try fresh ideas.


Download the CaseWare Accounting Package from PASSPORT and push the envelope towards a more effective audit.


Learn more about this solution, as well as our other products on our IDEA Products Page.