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Expanding Audit Analytics Landscape with IDEA

IDEA is a comprehensive, powerful, easy-to-use data analysis tool for Auditors, Accountants, Finance and Data Analytics Professionals. IDEA quickly analyzes 100 percent of your data, guarantees data integrity and accelerates data analytics to enable faster and more effective audits. It allows you to provide valuable insights to your stakeholders, increase the rigour of audit procedures, and ultimately, drive the quality of your engagement or project. Our latest release, IDEA 11, empowers users with new, exciting capabilities that take the audit analytics experience to the next level.




Outlier detection using our Risk-Based GL App


Exceptional Exceptions, our SmartAnalyzer app for risk-based audit analytics,
is powered by audit intelligence and machine learning to detect fraud or error.
It’s easy-to-use, interactive and comes with a built-in flexible workflow.
In addition, integration with Microsoft PowerBI allows generation of interactive,

visualization dashboards to easily spot exceptions in the audit.


Prebuilt Analytics for Subledgers


Financial App (FinApp) is our SmartAnalyzer App that offers a collection of 55+ smart audit tests for faster, detailed analysis of General Ledger and important subledgers to easily detect anomalies, exceptions or outliers. FinApp is applicable to any financial audit whether you are reviewing the financial statements for assurance, governance or risk assessment and mitigation.


Direct Import from 55+ Accounting Packages


Obtain data from supported accounting packages and standardize them into a single output consumable by IDEA. CaseWare supports various accounting packages, including Quickbooks, SAGE, ACCPAC, and others.


Integration with CaseWare Working Papers


Interoperability between IDEA and CaseWare Working Papers is designed to boost efficiency and effectiveness of the audit team, and allows adherence to the quality standards expected by the industry. Utilizing this integration, auditors save significant time, increase productivity, deliver high-quality engagements and ultimately provide better value to their clients. Easily transfer general ledger and supplemental data from the Working Paper engagements and accounting packages to IDEA, as well as return results into the appropriate engagement folder.


Advanced Analytics using IDEA Lab


Gain access to our innovation hub as part of your IDEA 11 subscription. IDEA Lab offers a growing library of advanced analytics plugins developed by our industry experts using the latest technologies. Some of the applications include data profiling, outliers detection, unstructured data analysis, and more.



All this and much more when you get IDEA 11.

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