Dubai World Trade Centre



The Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) is the Middle East’s largest events and exhibitions complex, with its business operations covering venue, exhibition and event management, hospitality services and facilities management. As its operations grew, DWTC needed to analyze and prioritize potential risk areas, identify control gaps and test the reliability of system reports.

“IDEA® has provided us with an all-in-one solution enabling greater reliability and comprehensiveness of analysis and results. Without doubt, through time saved during the audit process alone, I can say that Caseware IDEA has produced a clear return on investment for our business.”

Ms. Mona Hussain, Head of Internal Audit




The DWTC Internal Audit team decided to leverage the capabilities of an advanced data analytics software package that could provide additional assurance and value-added services to stakeholders. After careful consideration, the team chose Caseware IDEA® Data Analysis software to increase the scope of their data analysis work while also enabling them to offer more comprehensive internal audit reviews. Immediately, IDEA was able to assist DWTC in:

  • Analyzing data across multiple information systems and data sources
  • Increasing the breadth and depth of audit coverage by analyzing 100% of their data while still preserving its integrity
  • Identifying control gaps
  • Testing the reliability of system reports




By using IDEA Data Analysis software, DWTC has added value to the business by increasing audit coverage, which allows the organization to prioritize potential risk areas, identify control gaps and test the reliability of system reports. This is done for all core business operations including venues, exhibitions and events management, event and hospitality services, asset management, and support functions. By implementing IDEA® SmartAnalyzer, the audit team has also been able to use pre-packaged audit analytics to assess the state of their general ledger, accounts receivables and payables, and fixed assets and inventory accounts, and to identify cost-saving opportunities.