IDEA Academic Partnership Gives Students a Head Start

Students have new cause to celebrate thanks to a recent collaboration between the IDEA Academic Partnership and McGraw-Hill Education. As part of this partnership, IDEA® Data Analysis software and other data analytics resources will be included in three auditing publications, providing post-secondary students the opportunity to gain professional experience and further develop their critical thinking skills. Through this partnership, accounting students will be able to take advantage of CaseWare Analytics’ innovative technology to gain hands-on experience and enhance their understanding of concepts and topics covered in their classes.


With each of the three auditing publications comes an educational version of IDEA with full functionality that allows students to analyze as many as 5,000 records. Also included is the IDEA Workbook, which acts as an applied learning opportunity for students. The Workbook includes a variety of case studies and data sets to teach students how and where to apply data analytics, including common functions such as importing data, running various audit tests, reporting findings and automating repeatable tasks and processes.


Currently supporting more than 325 colleges and universities across the United States, the IDEA Academic Partnership is sponsored by CaseWare Analytics and Audimation Services Inc. and provides in-kind software donations, resources and technical support to help students develop valuable and advantageous data analysis skills. Schools participate in the program at no cost, and teachers are offered a range of resources to help their students learn data analytics techniques.


Today’s job market is increasingly competitive, making it more important than ever for students to graduate with relevant and useful skills and experience. For students looking to pursue careers in audit, accounting or other finance-related fields, the IDEA Academic Partnership ensures they are equipped with the materials, tools and content they need to be confident that they are prepared to embark on their careers.


For more information on the IDEA Academic Partnership or IDEA Data Analysis software, contact us at or at 1-800-265-4332 ext. 2800.