IDEA for Taxation and Government

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The California Board of Equalization is a public agency in California that administers sales and use tax in addition to special taxes and fees. We currently collect approximately 60 dollars a year in taxes and fees. Many times our taxpayers will not be able to provide us with clean formatted data so we may be able to get data from in a PDF format report format and IDEA has been a tool that has allowed us to to convert that data into Excel or other formats that we are able to to work with without having to inconvenience the taxpayers.


I currently work with data sets as large as 60 to 70 million records on a single table. A lot of the data that we recently received is not normalized so we do have combined data sets in millions.


The reason why we started using IDEA is because of its capability to work with large datasets in a fast and efficient manner as well as working with automated functions and all the robust tools and formulas that you are also able to take advantage of.


To give you a specific example we’ve created a very complex script that allows you to to modify the data, manipulate it, summarize the data for a particular POS system. It contains about 450 different processes so if you can do 450 processes manually, it may take you probably 4-8 hours. For someone that knows how to use IDEA I supposed to do in 15 minutes that’s going to be saving a lot of time and those are very tangible, measurable savings.


IDEA has been a great tool for us individually and and as an organization. The bottom line is that everybody should be able to save time and money. It’s a very efficient and effective.