IDEA Data Analysis Software Powers Government’s Financial Reporting

As government financial reporting becomes increasingly complex, many are turning to IDEA Data Analysis software to help manage the process. One government, looking to add additional efficiency to its audit workflow while mitigating the effects of COVID-19, did just that, and now tells their story:


“Many government organizations are applying advanced software in their financial reporting processes, and we also needed to apply this kind of tool to our audit functions. We decided to use the IDEA Data Analysis Software because it is well-known for its usefulness among auditing organizations.


“IDEA Data Analysis software increases the efficiency of our audit workflow. IDEA’s features, such as gap detection, duplicate key, summarizing and comparing data files, make it an invaluable tool for us. We can reduce time for testing of multiple Excel files and/or spreadsheets. 


“As IDEA automatically locks source data files, we cannot lose or alter the original data, although we run an analysis using multiple different features. Moreover, it allows us to create new databases with either the same or related data.


“Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this technology becomes more important day after day. Even though we are just initiating IDEA software in our pilot audit, we have noticed its usefulness. We plan to utilize the software in the post-COVID era.”


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