IDEA Tech Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you remember when you discovered that CTRL C and CTRL V could copy and paste your data or that the simple tap of F5 can refresh your page? Using shortcuts makes any computer task more efficient. With that in mind, here is the list of the 21 keyboard shortcuts within IDEA. Do you know them all?


Function Shortcut Key
Cancel Esc
Close Active Database CTRL + D
Copy CTRL + C
Cut CTRL + X
Display All Records Containing   CTRL + A
Find  CTRL + F
Go To CTRL + G
Help F1
Find Next F3
Open Database CTRL + O
Paste CTRL + V
Print CTRL + P
Refresh File Explorer F5
New IDEAScript Macro CTRL + N
Record Macro/Stop Recording Macro CTRL + R
Minimize the Ribbon CTRL + F1
Move Between Fly-out Windows ALT + F6
Select Active Window from List ALT + F7
Display System Menu ALT + HYPHEN
Select Active Database from List CTRL + TAB


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About Alain Soublière:

Alain Soublière has many years of experience working with computer audit software. He worked in a senior management role as the IDEA Product Manager for many years before becoming Director of Product strategy for CaseWare Analytics and more recently the Chief Product Strategist.   

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