IDEA Tech Tip – Verify Your Extraction Before You Run It

When you’re new to developing equations for extracting data in CaseWare IDEA Data Analysis, you may not want to clutter your history with irrelevant attempts or information. Luckily IDEA can keep your secrets until you’re ready to run the extraction. Criteria allows you to refine your equation and then pass it to Direct Extraction, ensuring that no initial tries are listed in the history. 


For example, using the ‘Sample-Datailed Sales.IMD’ file (included with your CaseWare IDEA software), you may want to see all of the sales made by ‘SalesRep 108’ in September 2015 that were transactions of more than $5,000. If you’re not sure what the equation should be, you can use Criteria to build the equation for you, giving you exactly what you need. Here’s what to do:


1. Open the ‘Sample-Detailed Sales.IMD’ file and click Criteria in the Properties pane. Isolate all transactions for ‘SalesRep 108’ by using the following equation: SALESREP=”108”



2. Validate and then run your criteria to see what you get, which should be 41/900 records.


3. Next, filter those records for transactions greater than $5,000. To do this, click ‘Criteria’ again; the original clause to isolate records for ‘SalesRep 108’ will still there, and you can add to it by entering the following: .AND. SALES_PLUS_TAX > 5000



4. Now you can validate and test your equation by running it, and your result should be 9/900 records.


5. You’re now able to add the final clause so that you’re only seeing records for transactions in September. Click ‘Criteria’ once more and add the following to your criteria equation: .AND. @BetweenDate(INV_DATE, “20150901”, “20150930”)



6. Validate and run your criteria, which will leave you with one record—the record you wanted to isolate. Now, with the Criteria still applied to your database, click ‘Direct Extraction’.



7. The Criteria you’ve just developed is now copied to the Criteria box. Create a name for your new extraction and click ‘OK’.


The result? All the trial and error work you went through to arrive at this equation is hidden from the History and Project Overview! The summary of your work in these tools is kept clear and free of clutter, and your new extraction is easy to find.


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About Jeffery Sorensen, IDEA Product Manager

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