IDEA 11: Advanced analytics, powerful reporting, seamless collaboration and an intuitive user experience

Expand your audit analytics landscape

Improving efficiency has always been a priority for the audit function. With newer technological applications, expansion across geographies, and increasing competition, auditors around the world are looking to adopt a robust audit practice.


With IDEA 11, we expand IDEA’s already stellar analytics offering with a range of new features and capabilities. This fast and powerful release is now 64-bit and features a sleek audit analytics environment with seamless collaboration and an intuitive user experience.


In addition to continuous enhancements to existing features, IDEA 11 users benefit from:


  • Faster computing, and a refreshing new look and feel, enhancing your user experience 
  • A simplified, flexible licensing model that allows you to scale audit operations
  • Smart audit apps with pre-built workflows and over 90 industry-standard tests and utilities for every audit need
  • Powerful, advanced analytics plugins that leverage latest technologies such as Python and Machine Learning for explosive data analysis possibilities
  • Automated testing by running manual, time-consuming tasks unattended on a set schedule
  • Publish & Share functionality for sharing observations in a readable format with team members and clients directly from the software 
  • Seamless collaboration on project files with all stakeholders in Caseware Cloud
  • Robust integration with Caseware Working Papers, and so much more. 

Powerful Analytics for Every Audit

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