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What’s New in IDEA 11.2


With this latest release, IDEA 11 is even more powerful than before. Stay updated with all the new, exciting features that IDEA 11.2 offers, including:   A modern, intuitive user […]

How to Recognize Fraud Like a Pro Detective

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  In support of Fraud Week hosted by IIA Canada, CaseWare IDEA is sharing access to this webinar recording of professor and forensic analyst authority, Dr. Mark Nigrini.   How […]

IDEA Tech Tip: Using PDFs

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If you’ve used IDEA Data Analysis Software, you know it is a powerful, comprehensive tool for analysing data and performing faster, more effective audits. What you might not know is […]

Forensic Analytics


Forensic Analytics Book Excerpt by Mark J. Nigrini   Download the book excerpt here.   Watch the “Welcome to Audit Informer: A deep dive into Benford’s Law” video.    

How to Recognize Fraud Like a Pro Detective

Webinars August 26, 2020 to August 26, 2020 - Live, Online

In this webinar Dr. Mark Nigrini, West Virginia University Professor, author and global forensic analytics expert, and Jeff Sorensen, Industry Strategist, will deliver an exclusive review of the fingerprints of fraud numbers. This two-person team will review seven categories of fraud numbers and will demonstrate how to identify these types of numbers using audit software.