The New IDEA Website. Everything Audit Analytics.

Just over 30 years ago, we set our sights on creating a toolkit for auditors, accountants and audit-related professionals to execute a more effective audit. Today we are still dedicated to providing you with solutions to succeed. The result: we are expanding and growing.

So we created an online experience entirely dedicated to IDEA. We put everything you need for the success of your audit in one place. Our website features content, news, and product information focusing solely on audit analytics. The menu is user-friendly, distilling the navigation to 5 options including:

  • Solutions: show how professionals in any role or industry can overcome their challenges with our integrated solution suite
  • Products: highlights the capabilities of IDEA and its add-ons for transforming the way your audit team works including Python integration, SmartAnalyzer and SmartExporter
  • Learn contains information for building your IDEA Skillset, getting IDEA certified and gaining a competitive edge in your field
  • Insights: delivers content created by the best and brightest in the auditing industry for you to use for your next audit
  • About: is the place to find out who we are, how to work with us, career opportunities and our global partnerships

The CaseWare IDEA team places you at the center of everything we do and that’s what inspired this redesign.