Get IDEA Certified and Grow Your Career

What is IDEA Certification?

Highly skilled users who effectively use IDEA for analysis and audit work can become Certified IDEA Data Analysts (CIDA). Users who have acquired their CIDA certification find that it:

  • Furthers their career by demonstrating their advanced technical abilities and sound business acumen
  • Earns them Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits when attending the required training courses
  • Gives them a competitive edge in their field

How to Become IDEA Certified

You can become IDEA certified in one of two ways:

  1. Training Option: Candidates have one year after completing the required courses to apply for certification
  2. Experience Option: Candidates must submit the following documentation to demonstrate their experience
  • Minimum two-page description of your experience using IDEA
  • A letter from a supervisor or colleague attesting to your competency using IDEA
  • A description of at least two substantial projects where you used IDEA and IDEAScript. The report should include types of tests and tasks that you have used in IDEA, data size, length and dates of the projects, sector/ area of activity and your findings

Interested in getting IDEA certified?