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About the IDEA Academic Program

Internal auditors are increasingly taking advantage of new skills and technologies to leverage the data in their organization for audits. Yet possessing the data is just the beginning of the journey. Auditors need to know how to analyze the information and drive insights that lead to sound decision-making.

The IDEA Academic Program gives post-secondary students free access to IDEA Data Analysis software, tools and resources to ensure each student hone their data analysis abilities. 

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4 Reasons to Join the IDEA Academic Program

  1. Free educational IDEA software (with record limitations) that can be installed on multiple computers and allows students to analyze data with a variety of functions including Benford’s Law, Fuzzy Duplicate, Gap Detection, and Summarization, and more 
  2. Free IDEA Workbook and associated data files that contains accounts receivable, accounts payable, fraud investigation and inventory audit case studies to help guide instructors on how to teach students data analysis techniques
  3. Tutorials and Case Studies that offer step-by-step instructions to facilitate hands-on learning
  4. The online resource center that contains case studies with sample data files, assignments, tests, and other helpful resources. The portal can also be used to host customized resources that teachers have developed

Join the IDEA Academic Program

"CaseWare courses are specifically designed to train data analytics professionals at all levels with tips and tricks, exercises, and case studies derived from real-life examples. I’ve developed extensive training material on a wide variety of topics and have experience instructing hundreds of auditors, and never before has my approach to training aligned so perfectly as with CaseWare’s"

Sunder Gee, CMA and CaseWare Certified Instructor

Join the IDEA Academic Program