How to Overcome Reporting Challenges in a Multinational Company

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In today’s interconnected world, internal audit teams, made up of members outside of the country where headquarters is based, are challenged to report results to multiple regulators and process data in, and from, multiple countries.


Watch this webinar to learn how the Nasdaq Internal Audit Team uses data analytics to work collaboratively and manage data from different offices, report to multiple regulators, and process data from multiple countries and achieve common corporate goals.




1. Maximize analytics to gather data to ensure evidence is available to satisfy regulators
2. Adopt a process that ensures regional and local regulatory requirements are addressed for international engagements
3. Develop an audit plan for multi-country board reporting
4. Overcome cultural differences to ensure the audit message is consistent across the whole organization




Lenny Block is the Vice President of Internal Audit at Nasdaq. He brings over 35 years of professional experience in internal audit, business process reengineering, database design and project management. Lenny has extensive practical experience managing all phases of an internal audit, ensuring regulatory compliance, operational effectiveness and financial reporting integrity for Nasdaq-owned entities world-wide. He also leads the Internal Audit‘s Data Analytics Program and donates his expertise to the Corporate Ethics team on Foreign Corrupt Practices Compliance.


*This webinar is available in English only