Make your Data Analysis Program a Reality


As auditors continue to deal with increasingly complex projects, accelerating change and increasing reliance on data and analytics, most would agree that a good data analysis program helps manage these challenges. To make your data analysis program a reality, you need three key things: buy-in, good data and deep insights.


Get Buy-In  


Get the buy-in you need to kick start your data analysis program by using your expertise to not only find problems, but to target those that are true pain points for key stakeholders. When you partner with these stakeholders, they will see the immediate value your data analytics program can bring to the business.


Generate Good Data


Third-party data is often the most reliable type of data available for analysis. Sometimes, however, clients may provide bad data. The secret to having good data involves knowing how to constructively question the status quo, and having a system that can perform complex functions, calculations and analysis on large sets of data.


Provide Insights


How do you provide insight to key stakeholders? Ask different questions. Migrate from the what and why of a problem to the where and how to provide real insight to the business. You will build goodwill with stakeholders by providing critical insight rather than just delivering information.


Getting these three key pieces so you can build your data analysis program is easy with IDEA Data Analysis software. It’s simple to transition to IDEA from spreadsheets—no programming knowledge is needed, and IDEA comes equipped with more than 100 common audit functions. It also offers advanced analytics such as Fuzzy Duplicate and Benford’s Law.


To learn more about how to build a data analysis program—with a little help from IDEA—watch our webinar, Building a Data Analysis Program. After watching this presentation, given by audit expert Robert Berry, you’ll have the wisdom and best practices needed to make building a data analysis program easier. You can view the webinar here, or contact us if you’d like more information about CaseWare IDEA.



About Alain Soublière:

Alain Soublière has many years of experience working with computer audit software. He worked in a senior management role as the IDEA Product Manager for many years before becoming Director of Product strategy for CaseWare Analytics and more recently the Chief Product Strategist.   

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