Andrew Simpson, COO, CWA Participates in GRC Panel Discussion during the 2014 FEI Leadership Summit

Andrew Simpson, chief operating officer, CaseWare Analytics participated in a leadership panel during the 2014 Financial Executives Institute (FEI) Leadership Summit providing advice to companies wishing to explore governance, risk and compliance (GRC). A key point addressed by the panel was that while the definition of GRC is broad, the best way to implement a GRC framework in an organization is to start by identifying its unique corporate goals. While GRC may not be right for every company, the best thing organizations can do is to understand their own internal processes and controls in order to improve them.

The panel, moderated by Michael P. Cangemi, former CFO, Etienne Aigner, consisted of Sanjay Anand, chairman of the Sarbanes Oxley Institute, Barbara Russo, executive vice president and head of international programs for Zurich Insurance, David Shluger, strategic risk consultant with Zurich North America and Andrew Simpson, chief operating officer at CaseWare Analytics.



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