CaseWare Analytics and Rutgers University Collaborate to Give Students Access to Continuous Auditing Technology

TORONTO, ON (May 29, 2014) – CaseWare Analytics announced today that it has donated $250,000 of technology and services to The Rutgers Accounting Research Center. The contribution will support the efforts of the Rutgers Continuous Auditing and Reporting Lab (CAR) to advance audit practices through the use of technology.

As a result of the in-kind donation, tertiary and post-graduate school students will gain practical experience working in audit teams to conduct automated analysis of various data sets.


“Today, we lead the field in research in the areas of Continuous Auditing and Enhanced Business Reporting, and are constantly seeking solutions to take advantage of the Real-Time Economy,” said Miklos Vasarhelyi, Director of Rutgers Accounting Research Center, Rutgers University. “The donation of CaseWare Analytics’ technology has been vital to our project’s development. In a world with rapidly growing data, our students will be prepared to view this environment as an opportunity to add tremendous value and insights.”


The Rutgers Accounting Web has been a leader of accounting and auditing research for the past two decades. The university is consistently ranked by the U.S. News and World Report as a top producer of Fortune 500 CEOs and job placements for MBA students.


As a leading supplier of software for data analytic and continuous auditing, CaseWare Analytics is proud to support the work of Rutgers University students that will significantly enhance the audit and finance professions.


“CaseWare is continually pursuing new solutions to address business issues, and continuous auditing is at the forefront of our efforts,” said Andrew Simpson, Chief Operating Officer, CaseWare Analytics. “Rutgers University produces some of the brightest professionals entering the workforce, and we are pleased to assist them in giving future auditors exposure to next generation technologies they will be using in their careers.”


CaseWare’s Continuous Auditing and Monitoring platform strives to enhance business and audit processes through providing executives with the ability to automate controls analysis, and detect errors or abuses across multiple systems in real time. The benefits of automated analysis and alert systems enable businesses to establish an accountability system that is second to none, effectively enhancing the governance structure within any organization.


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