CaseWare Analytics Enhances Professional Development through IDEA Data Analysis User Certification

The unveiling of a professional development program to increase and recognize technical skills in data analysis will provide professionals with premium business knowledge

TORONTO, ON (March 3, 2014) – As a global leader in data analysis and risk management technology, CaseWare Analytics is announcing that they will be providing IDEA® Data Analysis users with a certification program to validate their technical skills while advancing their career growth through professional development. CaseWare Analytics has created two certifications as an acknowledgement of the growing industry demand for data analysis experts.


In a recent Report to the Nations by the ACFE[i], it was stated that data analysis technology plays an important role in fraud detection. In many cases, indications of fraud are first brought to light through data analysis then followed by investigations.


“At CaseWare Analytics, we are committed to enabling our users with the skills and tools required to enhance their career growth through best practices, education and technology,” said Alain Soubliere, Director, Product Strategy, CaseWare Analytics. “The Certification program comes at a time when the demand for qualified Data and Business Analysts is at a record high.”


The Certifications being offered are the Certified IDEA Data Analysts (CIDA) and Certified IDEA Script Expert (CISE). The CIDA certification states that internal auditors, fraud examiners and finance professionals are capable of utilizing IDEA data analysis technology within their daily analysis and/or audit work. The certification is designed to showcase users’ premium technical abilities and provide an independent validation of skills and expertise using data analytics. Current and new users of the software can opt to become certified as IDEA Data Analysts. The Certified IDEA Script Expert (CISE) will be available in late March and distinguishes users’ expertise in analytics and scripting for audit and financial analysis.


Certifications are administered via exams and/or requisite courses. Special considerations can be made for longstanding and proficient IDEA data analysis users.