CaseWare Analytics Launches IDEA® 10, the Next Evolution in Data Analysis Software

Toronto, Canada, November 4, 2015 — CaseWare Analytics has launched Version 10 of its flagship data analysis software, IDEA®, a tool that helps auditors, accountants and finance professionals complete their data analysis process faster and more accurately. New features have been introduced to help users visualize their data, access a wealth of resources and support, and increase the effectiveness of their audits.

“IDEA 10 is truly the next evolution in data analysis software,” says CaseWare Analytics Chief Operating Officer, Bob Cuthbertson, CPA, CA, CITP. “With the new features and enhancements we’ve included in this version, IDEA is the most comprehensive and robust data analysis software on the market today. We’re proud to be setting the industry standard for data analytics and putting the best and most effective tools into auditors’ hands so they can do their jobs more effectively.”


The new features available in IDEA 10 include Visualization, which unlocks the power of CaseWare Analytics’ proprietary Analytic Intelligence to help users quickly identify trends, patterns and outliers by graphically displaying their data in dashboards populated with charts and field statistics. Visualization allows users to quickly and easily auto-generate their dashboard of insights or build a custom visual dashboard from the ground up.


Fuzzy duplicate has also been enhanced in IDEA 10, identifying multiple similar records in as many as three character fields. IDEA 10 users can also access Passport, the gateway to invaluable IDEA resources such as free scripts, webinars, how-to videos, forums and more, helping users maximize IDEA’s tools and features.


“With more than 25 years of experience in this industry and as auditors ourselves, we have a unique perspective and a deep understanding of what auditors, accountants and finance professionals need their data analysis software to do for them, and that’s clearly reflected in IDEA 10,” says Alain Soublière, Director, Product Strategy, CPA, CGA, CIDA. “We’ve listened to the voice of the audit community to create the most comprehensive and user-friendly data analysis software out there. With just this one tool, users can meet all of their data import, analysis and reporting needs.”


IDEA 10 continues to offer the more than 100 audit-specific functions that auditors, accountants and finance professionals rely on to complete their audits faster and confidently, including Benford’s Law, Gap Detection, Summarization, Sampling, Stratification and more.


CaseWare Analytics specializes and is an industry leader in providing technology solutions for finance and accounting, governance, risk and audit professionals. These solutions have been adopted in 130 countries around the globe.


IDEA 10 launches on November 4, 2015.