CaseWare IDEA Inc. Announces New Distributor for Spain

TORONTO, On (June 9, 2014) – CaseWare IDEA Inc., the developers of  CaseWare Analytics solutions IDEA® – Data Analysis Software and  Monitor – Continuous Monitoring Software, announced today that CaseWare IDEA B.V. has assumed all solution sales, support and services for Spain, effective June 1st, 2014.

This move will help enable companies in Spain to improve audit and business performance by utilizing CaseWare Analytics solutions to conduct better data analysis while leveraging CaseWare IDEA B.V.’s regional expertise and services.


“For over a decade, CaseWare IDEA B.V. has provided tremendous solution expertise, software support and services across many industries,” said Bob Cuthbertson, COO, CaseWare IDEA Inc. “These attributes continue to be values and client service standards that align with our company vision.” CaseWare IDEA B.V. has been the exclusive distributor of CaseWare Analytics solutions in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg since 1998 and France, Romania, Albania and Croatia since 2004.


Pieter Nienhuis, COO of CaseWare IDEA B.V. commented, “With our résumé of successful data analysis implementations across Europe, we are eager to produce a larger footprint of excellence for CaseWare Analytics solutions.”


Effective June 1st, 2014, CaseWare IDEA B.V. will assume all the duties regarding provision of services to customers related to the support, updates and new releases of software for existing user clients.


About CaseWare IDEA Inc.

CaseWare IDEA Inc. is a privately held software development and marketing company, with offices in Toronto and Ottawa, Canada and distributor partners around the world. The company is home to IDEA Data Analysis, Collaborative Analytics and Continuous Monitoring solutions. Used across 150 countries in 16 languages, all technologies are built upon the foundation of best practices in assessing risk and controls, hereby enabling audit and finance professionals to use real data insights to create remarkable ROI and business improvement opportunities.