Caseware IDEA now available in Arabic

Ottawa, Canada, March 31, 2017 – Caseware Analytics, developers of data analysis and continuous monitoring software solutions for auditors, accountants and other financial professionals, is proud to announce that Caseware IDEA® Data Analysis software is, for the first time, available in Arabic. Due to high demand in Arabic-speaking regions of the world, this version of IDEA was created to provide users who prefer to work in Arabic access to the tool’s wide range of easy-to-use audit-relevant tasks and tests, such as Sampling, Stratification, Summarization and more.

Caseware IDEA is a robust and powerful data analysis tool that facilitates every aspect of data analysis, from importing raw data to reporting actionable results. Version 9.1.2 of IDEA in Arabic refines audit analysis, allowing trends and outliers to be detected quickly and audits to be completed efficiently. With this newest language release of IDEA, Arabic-speaking users will have access to an intuitive workspace that accommodates both beginners and more advanced users. The IDEA Ribbon also groups tasks by functionality, making it simple to locate and then perform chosen tasks and tests.


In addition, IDEA in Arabic manages the location of files, saving them to one central location to make files easier to find and to back up. This version also offers the Find Field task, which highlights the field being looked for, and enhanced Benford’s Law tests for fighting fraud. These include the Last Two Digits Test, Second Order Test and Summation Test. With most Benford’s Law tests, users have the option of using advanced options to extract suspicious data whose digit frequencies do not follow the digit frequencies of Benford’s Law. The advanced settings also allow users to refine this output to limit the size of the output database.


To learn more about Caseware IDEA version 9.1.2 in Arabic, contact us at