IDEA 10.3 Now Available in Czech, German and Portuguese

Most recent release of IDEA is now available in the Czech, German and Portuguese languages, bringing the data analytics tool to more auditors, accountants and finance professionals globally.

Ottawa, Canada, May 1, 2018 – Caseware Analytics is pleased to announce that the most recent version of IDEA® Data Analysis software is now available in Czech, German and Portuguese. Users who prefer to work in Czech, German or Portuguese can now access in their native language the new tools and benefits offered in IDEA 10.3, including Python integration, Character Field Statistics and the Visualization feature’s enhanced functionality, which now includes duplicate key detection.

A comprehensive and powerful data analysis tool, IDEA helps auditors quickly analyze their data to quickly uncover trends,  identify anomalies easily, assess risk and detect outliers in order to make audits more effective. With the release of IDEA 10.3 in Czech, German and Portuguese, users now have access to Statistics on Character Field data, which quickly summarizes Character fields into categories and identifies records with blank fields that require further investigation or need to be excluded from analysis.

The Czech, German and Portuguese versions of IDEA also include the newly added Duplicate Key Detection in the Visualization feature, which lets users identify counts of duplicate items (such as invoice or check numbers) and then populate that information into their dashboards or drill further down as required. IDEA 10.3 has also made Stratified Random Sampling easier to use by allowing auditors to specify the percentage of records per stratum when defining their sample.

With an increasing demand for data analytics, IDEA 10.3 now allows auditors, accountants and data analysts to leverage Python to create repeatable tests and perform more advanced analysis.

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