IDEA 10.3 Now Available in French, Spanish and Dutch

Newest version of IDEA addresses unique requirements of auditors and other financial professionals from around the world.

Ottawa, Canada, March 5, 2018 – Caseware Analytics, creators of data analysis software solutions for auditors, accountants, finance and data analysts professionals, is pleased to announce that its newest version of IDEA Data Analysis software is now available in Spanish, French and Dutch. With these latest releases, more IDEA users can leverage the latest product enhancements—including Python integration, Character Field Statistics and the Visualization feature’s enhanced functionality, which now includes duplicate key detection—in their native language.


IDEA Data Analysis software is a powerful and comprehensive tool that allows auditors to quickly and easily analyze their data, uncover trends, assess risk and detect outliers and anomalies in order to make audits more effective. With IDEA 10.3, Dutch, Spanish and French users can now access Statistics on Character Field data, which lets users quickly summarize Character fields into categories as well as identify records with blank fields that require further investigation or need to be excluded from the analysis.


The new language versions of IDEA also include the addition of Duplicate Key Detection in the Visualization feature. This allows users to identify counts of duplicate items—such as invoice or check numbers—and then populate that information into their dashboards, and drill further down as required. With IDEA 10.3 Stratified Random Sampling is also even easier to use. Auditors are now able to specify the percentage of records per stratum when defining their sample.


Finally, as demand for data analytics increases, the new IDEA 10.3 releases now let auditors, accountants and data analysts to leverage Python to create repeatable tests and perform more advanced analysis.


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