New Books Enrich Internal Auditor’s Use and Understanding of IDEA Data Analysis Software

TORONTO, December 11 – The first book written on IDEA® Scripting was introduced in 2011 and has received positive reviews from the IDEA user community. Written and published by John Paul Mueller, Mastering IDEAScript: The Definitive Guide, explains how IDEA software users can design their own unique scripts within the program. Scripts, also referred to as Macros or Batch Processing, automate a set of previously executed data analysis tasks, enabling users to get immediate results, at the click of a button. Designed to aid both beginners and advanced users, the book covers all areas of automation and fraud analysis within the software.

In 2014, two other publications highlighting the use of audit data analytics were published by Sunder Gee, a Canadian computer-assisted audit Technique (CAAT) Consultant, and Tetsuya Nakamura, an accomplished financial services professional based in Tokyo, Japan. Fraud and Fraud Detection by Gee delves into the hidden intricacies of fraud and how data analytics can help bring them to the surface. The book also serves as a step-by-step guide for the implementation of data analytics and the necessary considerations for fraud prevention tools such as data import, analysis, automation and reporting capabilities. CAAT Basics by Nakamura uses 108 real world cases to explain the practical use of data analytics for auditors.


Each book provides a unique perspective on improving audit and data analytics processes that are applicable for any level of data analytics users. The books are available via Wiley Publishers, Amazon and Google Store.


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Mastering IDEAScript: The Definitive Guide

Fraud and Fraud Detection

CAAT Basics (currently only available in Japanese)


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