Newest Version of IDEA® Data Analysis Software Released in Spanish and French

Ottawa, Canada, April 26, 2016 – CaseWare Analytics, developer of data analysis and continuous monitoring software solutions for finance, accounting, governance, risk and audit professionals, is proud to announce that the newest version of IDEA®, its flagship data analysis software, has been released in Spanish and French. IDEA users speaking these languages now have access to the variety of new and enhanced features available with IDEA 10’s Visualization feature, such as new chart types, extensive drill-down abilities for deeper analysis, and advanced Fuzzy Duplicate.

IDEA helps auditors and other finance professionals quickly analyze their data to detect trends, outliers and anomalies easily so they can focus their audits. French and Spanish speakers across the globe will now have access to custom-made or auto-generated visual dashboards with the help of IDEA’s Visualization feature. Visualization offers users the Discover task, which auto-creates a visual dashboard populated with field statistics and charts generated from their data. The Visualize feature is also included, and it lets users custom-build their visual dashboard.


Other new features now available to the French- and Spanish-speaking markets include advanced Fuzzy Duplicate, which identifies similar records in as many as three character fields, and Passport, which gives users access to a variety of IDEA resources like how-to videos, forums and free scripts. The Visualize task includes line and scatter charts as standard options. Line charts can help identify trends, and scatter charts reveal data clusters and outliers that need to be investigated.


As with the English version of the software, IDEA 10 in French and Spanish includes more than 100 audit-specific functions that help auditors complete their audits quickly and efficiently, such as Stratification, Benford’s Law, Sampling and Summarization.


To learn more about IDEA 10 and the new features and enhancements included in the French and Spanish versions, email us at or call 1-800-265-4332 ext. 2800.