Visualization Feature Expanded with Release of IDEA® 10.1 Data Analysis Software


Toronto, Canada, February 18, 2016 – CaseWare Analytics, developer of data analysis and continuous monitoring software solutions for finance, accounting, governance, risk and audit professionals, has released the newest version of IDEA®, its flagship data analysis software. IDEA 10.1 now offers expanded capabilities within its Visualization feature, including new chart types and further drill-down abilities for deeper analysis. It has also been updated to be Windows 10 compatible.


IDEA quickly analyzes data to find patterns, outliers and anomalies, allowing auditors and other finance professionals to complete their data analysis faster and easily focus their audits. With this newest version of the software, line and scatter charts are standard options within the Visualize task. Line charts can be used to identify trends, while scatter charts quickly identify data clusters as well as outliers requiring further investigation.


IDEA 10.1 also offers the ability to analyze or drill down into the underlying data behind the selected field statistics panels within charts generated by the Visualize task. This feature allows users to quickly view the associated data within a category or identify areas that need to be examined more closely.


Other new enhancements let users click on a check box to exclude zeros, blanks and errors data that appear on the x-axis of their Visualize charts. This provides a true picture of the data quickly and efficiently without the need to manually exclude any data that may skew the analysis.


To provide an even more detailed analysis, IDEA 10.1 offers Create IDEAScript. This new feature allows users to click on a bar, node, slice or column in a chart—or on certain field statistic panels—to create IDEAScript macros from that data. These macros can then be used by IDEA to generate more insights.


“IDEA and its Visualization feature were already exceptionally powerful audit tools, but with the improvements we’ve made in 10.1, they’re really indispensable resources,” says Alain Soublière, Chief Product Strategist, CPA, CGA, CIDA. “With IDEA 10.1’s ability to create visualization dashboards and its advanced data analytics functions, including Fuzzy Duplicate and Benford’s law, finance professionals are able to complete audits faster and more effectively while also offering the business actionable insights.”


To learn more about IDEA 10.1 and the new features and enhancements included in version 10.1, read our IDEA 10.1 blog entry, or contact us at or 1-800-265-4332 ext. 2800.