Centralized, Cloud-Based Collaboration

Data-Driven, Results-Based

More than ever, data drives business around the world. As a result, it’s imperative for internal and external auditors to access, use, and share the most accurate information for the engagements at hand. 



IDEA Cloud Share capabilities enable auditors to manage the audit process from a centralized, shared platform. Its shared view of project data eliminates the risk of multiple occurrences and copies of the same data source, ensuring auditors to collaborate on projects effortlessly.

IDEA Cloud Share ensures:


Access, share, and collaborate on data from any source


Shared, centralized data visible to all stakeholders


Safe and secure constant backup of all project data


Authentication & Collaboration

Our user-based permissions enable auditors to access and share project files within IDEA Cloud Share, as well as access CaseWare Cloud. Users can create their own personal cloud library of files as well as a corporate library of cloud, granting access to all users within the team. A centralized and shared view of project data empowers audit teams to backup files and collaborate on projects smoothly. This makes downloading and uploading project files easy, leading to more transparency within the team. Results obtained with IDEA can be pushed directly to CaseWare Cloud and shared with team members wherever they may be globally.


Connect to CaseWare Cloud

Cloud Share allows IDEA to seamlessly connect with the exciting CaseWare Cloud environment. Within CaseWare Cloud, you can chat with your colleagues, assign tasks and you can also interact and add contacts, such as clients. As a completely collaborative audit platform, CaseWare Cloud also allows you to ask clients to upload data into a secure and dedicated area. 


That way, you can request them to upload their data themselves in a dedicated area in CaseWare Cloud providing you a completely collaborative audit platform.  

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