Centralized, Cloud-Based Collaboration

IDEA Cloud Share - Anywhere, anytime

More than ever, data is driving business around the world. And the world is becoming a smaller place as more people come together from different locations to make businesses more successful. Such is the case in the audit landscape as well. As a result, it’s imperative for internal and external auditors to manage and share accurate information in the most effective way for the engagements at hand. 


IDEA Cloud Share is our virtual platform that enables you to access, store and share project data, from IDEA and other external sources, with your team members on cloud and manage the audit process more efficiently. The shared functionality eliminates the risk of data duplication and fosters effortless collaboration.

IDEA Cloud Share ensures:


Access, share and work together on data from any source, anywhere globally


Shared, centralized view of project data, visible to all stakeholders


User authentication and constant backup, keeping project data secured


Connect to Caseware Cloud

Cloud Share provides IDEA users the power to connect to the exciting Caseware Cloud environment. Unlock advanced collaborative capabilities to engage with your staff as well as your clients, more efficiently and without any geographic constraints. You can now instantly communicate with them, assign tasks and even simplify file management. Using Caseware Cloud, you can also assign a highly secure, dedicated area where your clients can easily upload their data without any concerns. Take collaboration to new levels of productivity and efficiency when you sign up for Caseware Cloud.

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