What’s New in IDEA

IDEA 12 is here!

Dawning in a new era of digital age the latest IDEA 12 is here to help auditors enjoy a refreshingly new user interface with powerful and advanced analytical capabilities, embedded with stronger integrations in a hybrid environment. 


Take a step towards boosting your audit efficiency by leveraging the latest updates within IDEA, that helps prevent fraud and deliver more agile, in-sights driven audits.


Our latest release comprises of:


  • Simplified user experience that enables you to focus more on finding anomalies and boosting fraud prevention & detection
  • Leverage the Power of Hybrid by accessing Passport, IDEA Lab within the app to perform powerful audits
  • With our Smart Actions take advantage of Google functionalities to check the legitimacy of exceptions and perform faster investigations
  • Accelerate your audit planning process and achieve 4 times quicker results with our enhanced summarization function
  • Create your own Python scripts or utilize our Equation Editor to help improve audit effectiveness and remove dependency on external tools


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