Use Analytics to Drive Insights, Produce Efficiencies and Ensure Compliance

Slash Uncertainty with Analytics

Relying on policy alone to assess the performance of your organization leaves you open to oversight. This creates needless uncertainty – something your stakeholders can’t afford. Data analytics can be used in your Governance, Risk and Compliance process to ensure your entire organization is on the same page, and that the right people can effectively address any potential risks. Connect the internal goals, and transform the way the team manages GRC activities by using our integrated suite to:

  • Join data sources to create a bird’s eye view of the organization’s systems and processes for better governance
  • Cut waste and watch the risk of internal controls
  • Repeat processes in a consistent manner to boost the productivity & effectiveness of compliance efforts 

Navigate below and see how data analytics can be used for Governance, Risk, and Compliance. 

Use IDEA & Experience...

Seamless Data Import

Universal file conversion capabilities that allow users to obtain data from virtually any source.

Powerful Tests

Test whole data sets so auditors can feel empowered and confident in their findings.

Identifiable Trends and Outliers

Conveniently access new insights without having to write queries.

Effective Risk Exposure

An all-in-one platform enabling users to examine risks seamlessly and to prevent silos of data.


Automate routine functions to boost productivity, save money and see results.

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Data Analytics for Governance

A basic data analytics solution attributes to blind spots, a disjointed strategy and low-quality information affecting management, and potentially the entire organization. Prevent this with our integrated solution. We provide a consolidated view of disparate systems and processes allowing you to destroy silos, cut costs, and produce timely reports. Ensure that strategies are implemented effectively and systematically by using our data analytics to:

  • Present results and insightful statistics in shareable dashboards based on audit intelligence
  • Analyze 100% of the data using risk-based industry-specific audit routines available in pre-packaged apps driving better information quality
  • Access 100+ audit ready features and insights without having to write scripts to enable users to gather information quickly and efficiently
  • Connect to your existing cadre of audit technologies MS® Excel, MS® Access, IDEA®, ACL™ and Arbutus

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Data Analytics for Risk

Map the uncertain terrain of the future, and mitigate risk with deep and well-informed insights – all backed by data.  Our solutions allow auditors to thoroughly understand current and emerging threats by allowing GRC teams to:

  • Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify patterns of fraud such as ghost employee analysis, and payment of fuzzy duplicate invoices
  • Run a trend analysis and visualize changes in vendor payments or location
  • Pinpoint data irregularities for deeper insights
  • Develop a searchable database to uncover non-compliant terms such as “gifts”
  • Protect the organization against financial, operational and reputational risks

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Data Analytics for Compliance

Complying to industry standards and government regulation is essential for any organization’s success. However, time-strapped professionals who may face hurdles adhering to policies can leverage our data analytics to:

  • Better manage risks using analytics tools that detect fraud, measure the strength of internal controls and evaluate compliance 
  • Identify potential areas of vulnerability to mitigate financial and compliance risks effectively
  • Leverage automated analytics to dig deeper into data without requiring more time 

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