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You feel pressure to keep up with rising reporting demands with fewer resources, and constituents expect increased efficiency, transparency, and accountability. Satisfy these increasing demands, and surpass strategic objectives with our integrated suite. We help government agencies drive financial and IT governance, gain an in-depth knowledge of data and automate ongoing data analysis. This allows you to eliminate blind spots, stop improper payments, and manage grant payments, on time and on budget. Accelerate your analysis by using data analytics to:

  • Examine 100% of the data to oversee all activities and transactions for effective oversight
  • Automate audit testing to reduce mundane work to save time and money
  • Present results and insightful statistics in shareable dashboards based on audit intelligence for timely reports
  • Analyze controls across agencies, departments, business processes, custom applications or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms such as SAP®, Oracle® and FreeBalance®

Scroll below to learn how data analytics is used for Auditor and Inspector General, Performance Audit, Tax Authorities and Government Internal Audit.

Use IDEA & Experience...

Seamless Data Import

Universal file conversion capabilities that allow users to obtain data from virtually any source.

Powerful Tests

Give auditors greater confidence in their work by testing entire data sets not just samples.

Identifiable Trends and Outliers

Conveniently access new insights without having to write queries.

Effective Risk Exposure

An all-in-one platform enabling users to examine risks seamlessly and to prevent silos of data.


Automate routine functions to boost productivity, save money and see results.

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Data Analytics for the Auditor and Inspector General

As you play a central role in holding governments accountable, you face underfunded departments, political uncertainties and growing expectations of stakeholders. Overcome these hurdles with data analytics.  With our intuitive and robust solution, you will provide more profound insights to publish timely audit recommendations and better assist your team in putting an end to illegal activity. Help governments around the world by using data analytics to:

  • Examine controls across agencies and departments using a single, seamless platform
  • Analyze 100% of transactions, not just a sample, for an accurate analysis
  • Efficiently manage several types of data including structured and unstructured, internal and external
  • Protect the integrity of the data by allowing read-only access to your source information

Initially commissioned for Auditor General of Canada, our solution is the preferred solution of the Auditor and Inspector General Offices globally.  

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Performance Audit & Data Analytics

Even though you face budget cuts, staff reductions, and ambiguity, you can transform the performance of your organization by leveraging technology. Data analytics allow you to provide stronger recommendations about where and how improvements can be made, and foresee the impact they will have. Use our integrated solution for a stronger performance audit by: 

  • Consolidating data to assess controls across departments 
  • Using 100+ audit-relevant tasks to break-down complicated performance issues
  • Collaborating on the analysis in real-time making easier to get others involved

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Data Analytics for the Tax Authorities

With tax data, variety is the norm. Data of several types from many sources including structured and unstructured data, internal and external data, traditional and digital sources including electronic invoicing and connected devices such as POS solutions can result in blind spots, missed revenue, and reporting inaccuracies. Stop these threats to revenue in their tracks with data analytics. Report more accurate results for the benefit of your country and its citizens and turn data into actionable insights by using data analytics to:

  • Analyze 100% of transactions, so nothing gets passed the audit team
  • Leverage 100+ audit functions including Benford’s Law, Fuzzy Duplicates, and more
  • Import an infinite number of records from practically any source, including bank account details, EIN, POS system data, ERPs, spreadsheets and more
  • Automate repeatable processes by recording every analytic step

Our solutions are used worldwide including federal tax authorities including the Canadian Revenue Agency and the Czech Tax Authority.

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Government Internal Audit & Analytics

Large amounts of data and a lack of time to analyze transactions thoroughly are some reasons why auditors miss fraud and waste. Governments can avoid this by continuing to enhance their business technologies and the quality of their data. Data analytics empower governments to go more in-depth and to automate the internal audit workflow – ensuring stewardship and the proper use of taxpayer’s money. Our integrated suite boosts the performance of internal audit teams by delivering the capability to:

  • Prioritize areas with elevated risk
  • Analyze 100% of transactions, regardless of type, volume or location in less time
  • Deliver better audit coverage and assurance
  • Quickly identify suspicious or fraudulent transactions
  • Improve operations, compliance initiatives and internal audit reputation

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