This IT auditor credits IDEA for his professional success

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I use IDEA every single day. I’ve been using it every day for three years. It has changed my quality of work as well as how quickly I can turn it around. It has become extremely important in what I do and it’s become interchangeable with my position.


IDEA impacts the executives in the C-suite by the money savings, dollar savings, the time savings that we have on audits that we do. The way that the analysis comes through at the end, the effectiveness of the work we do as well as the efficiency in which we do it, is extremely beneficial to the C-suite.


Fifteen years ago, we had a project that just couldn’t get off the ground. The Vice President of one of the departments, wanted to analyze some information and kind of gave up on it; and I had only been with our company about three years, at that point a year-and-a-half, when he asked the question and kind of seemed frustrated that he wasn’t able to get the answers that he was looking for. I was able to dive in and use IDEA to get them the answers that they wanted to questions that they’ve been asking for 15 years.


Secondly, they now know that they can ask anything related to their department and we can pull together analysis for them very quickly and effectively; and then like I said, put that into practice on for reoccurring audits. In one project, we made sure that some of the costs that we’ve had for third-party providers were calculated properly with the parameters of the contracts and making sure that we were being billed properly. And we’ve saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in how we use the product now, in making sure that these contracts are billing us properly.


Just a couple months ago we had a project that took our accounting and internal audit team about 400 hours worth of time. I was able to come in automate the process and we ended up saving two weeks off of that. And now it’s set up to be a reoccurring audit that will be able to be done in a couple days.


For me, IDEA has added value professionally in my career. It’s taken me from a entry-level position at Donegal, within three years now, I’m going to a management level position. IDEA has made that happen for me. Like I said I use it every day. It’s something that I will continue to use everyday. And our executives find huge value in it and to be able to uncover anomalies that have been in place for decades, has made my position valuable.