U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Agency Leverages IDEA Data Analysis to Detect Fraud


An example of success with CaseWare Analytics, Delena D. Spann is a Fraud Analysis Expert for the U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Agency who has always been an advocate for the use of data analysis. Although data analytics has existed for years, she believes that it’s becoming “200% important”, especially given the amount of time and effort it can save. She remembers the days of relying on spreadsheets for audits and fraud investigations, when analyzing data could take upwards of a week or more. But with tools like CaseWare IDEA Data Analysis software, this same work can be completed in a mere 10 to 15 minutes—a significant time savings.


Spann first began using CaseWare IDEA as a college professor in a course she was teaching. She was so won over by IDEA that she has used it ever since, with the goal of one day becoming a “Super IDEA User”. In one mortgage fraud case, Spann recalls using data analytics to determine exactly what the actual loss was compared to the potential loss, which saved time and effort due to the large amount of hardcopy data that must be sorted through during a mortgage fraud investigation. Once you get a group of analysts together using IDEA, Spann notes, it makes the task much easier because they are focused on one common goal: finding a red flag, and data analysis makes that possible.


During an interview with CaseWare Analytics, Spann touted the importance of students learning to use data analysis software early because it’s the tool of the future. Data analytics is a growing trend, but one that won’t grow old and will continue to grow by leaps and bounds.


Watch Delena D. Spann’s success story video here, or check out some other examples of successes our customers have had using our products.



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