Unlocking the Power of Data Analytics

In today’s technology-centric business environment, an organization’s digital fitness contributes enormously to their effectiveness, competitiveness, and perceived value, and things are no different with the internal audit function. Yet many organizations still struggle to implement effective audit data analytics programs and use them to their full potential. 


To help organizations navigate this landscape, we present The Power of Data Analytics in Internal Audit, a new whitepaper on what data analytics is, why it is beneficial, and how to overcome obstacles to adopting it. Among other things, this paper covers:


  • The new and developing role of internal audit in an increasingly high-tech business environment. 
  • How to leverage data analytics to extend the reach and power of internal audit
  • The importance of anticipating and “sensing” risk in our current social and technological landscape.
  • Actionable steps on how to clear the hurdles to adopting a data analytics program, and more. 


Download the paper today and begin your journey to a data analytics-powered future. 

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