Visualize Your Success with IDEA: Part 1


IDEA 10 has now been on the market for seven months after launching in November 2015. I recently attended the IDEA User Conference, where it appears that most attendees have enthusiastically embraced the upgrade. As Chief Product Strategist for IDEA Data Analysis software here at CaseWare Analytics, I participated at the conference as a speaker and set out to answer a frequent question I receive: Is there an impactful difference between IDEA 10 and older versions? As driver of the evolution of CaseWare IDEA, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss the improved experience users can expect from IDEA 10, the voice CaseWare Analytics is giving to its users, and the impact this is having on IDEA users around the globe. For those who couldn’t make it to my presentation at this year’s conference, here’s what you missed:


The primary contributor to the improved experience in IDEA 10 is Visualization, which truly takes data analytics to the next level. The pressure financial professionals feel to understand the data they are given is all too common. Visualization gives you the tools you need to become familiar with the data and then determine what deserves investigation.


Think of Visualization as a sandbox where you can play with or analyze the data using a suite of tasks and file management features. As you explore any suspicious data you find, IDEA will generate visuals in the form of charts and field statistics, showing exceptions and suspicious transactions that are easily overlooked in a spreadsheet. You can add the visuals into a dashboard to help you interpret the information, and then modify it to display what is most relevant to you.


The Visualization ‘sandbox’ is a safe place to explore where your trail of investigation is not recorded. Once you’ve found trends or outliers worthy of deeper investigation, though, you can save and share your dashboard with stakeholders.


Visualization is an excellent tool to flag anomalies in unfamiliar data. But imagine if you could do that investigative work with a single click of your mouse? You can! In Part 2 of my presentation we explore IDEA 10’s other unique tasks and features that can help you analyze your data faster and more accurately than ever before. You can also visit our YouTube channel to learn more about IDEA 10.



About Alain Soublière:

Alain Soublière has many years of experience working with computer audit software. He worked in a senior management role as the IDEA Product Manager for many years before becoming Director of Product strategy for CaseWare Analytics and more recently the Chief Product Strategist.   

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