Visualize your Success with IDEA: Part 2


In Part 1 of this blog, which we shared with you last week, I summarized the first half of a presentation I delivered at this year’s IDEA User Conference in Orlando. In the second and final part of this blog, I’ll answer for you the question we ended with last week: how can you use IDEA to investigate all of your data with just one click of a mouse?


The answer? IDEA’s Discover feature, your new time-saving friend. Discover helps you be both effective and efficient by revealing what’s inside your data immediately. Once the data is imported, Discover maps the information through IDEA’s Analytic Intelligence—the powerful engine of IDEA 10. Within seconds, trends, patterns and outliers are detected and auto-populated into a dashboard as charts or field statistics. Captions detailing the database and the analysis performed accompany each chart automatically. With Discover, you can quickly capture anomalies and visually profile databases, making your auditing and investigative work easier.


Along with the new, intuitive user interface and enhanced Fuzzy Duplicate—a powerful feature that matches similar records in up to three different fields—IDEA 10 offers a warehouse of resources that are accessible through Passport, the online gateway to technical tips and online training. Passport links you to forums, video tutorials, a scripts vault and guidance from a global community of IDEA experts. From here you can then find your way to the IDEA Marketplace to access apps designed specifically for IDEA.


At CaseWare Analytics, we are committed to further improving the customer experience and are using a variety of channels to reach out to IDEA users. These days, companies frequently ask for customers opinions, but many fail to consider or respond to that feedback. We recognize, though, that user feedback supports the continued improvement of IDEA. Now that maintenance, feature releases and enhancements are incorporated into the product through much shorter release cycles, hot fixes or long waits for a major release have been eliminated. This creates windows of opportunity for our users to communicate their opinions and experiences with our product—whether good, bad or ugly—and that will help drive the next release of IDEA.


We will continue to evolve and improve data analytics through best practices and academic research. Future versions of IDEA promise even more features and tasks to be incorporated into Visualization, powered by our proprietary Analytic Intelligence. There are many creative ways to look at data, and IDEA will continue to give financial professionals the tools to do so.


If you would like to participate in upcoming focus groups or user groups, or if your organization is interested in becoming a beta testing site, contact us. For more information on IDEA 10 and how it can help you analyze your data faster and more effectively, watch the IDEA 10 video.



About Alain Soublière:

Alain Soublière has many years of experience working with computer audit software. He worked in a senior management role as the IDEA Product Manager for many years before becoming Director of Product strategy for CaseWare Analytics and more recently the Chief Product Strategist.   

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