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Vector Variation Scores: What Are They and How Do They Apply to Fraud Finding?

In this interview with forensic analytics expert Dr. Mark Nigrini, he explains how the combination of analytics geometry and analytics tests created the concept of the vector variation score and describes how it can be applied to detect fraud. 


He also shares details about his recent paper, Using Analytic Geometry to Quantify Period-To-Period Changes in an Array of Values, which explains how his methodology can identify tax returns with large year-over-year changes, anomalies in reported sales amounts, and more.


If you have enjoyed this fraud series delivered by Dr Mark Nigrini, then you will want to register for our upcoming webinar, Fraudulent Numbers: Blue’s Clues for Auditors. In this session, Dr. Nigrini, is joined by Industry Strategist, Jeffery Sorensen, and this two-person team will deliver an exclusive review of the fingerprints of fraud numbers, review seven categories of fraud numbers and will demonstrate how to identify these types of numbers using audit software:




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