What’s New in IDEA 12

Caseware IDEA is a powerful data analysis software designed for audit, accounting, finance, and data analytics professionals. IDEA is a comprehensive solution for every audit need. Our latest version empowers your team to work in more agile ways to keep pace with the transforming audit industry.


Switch to IDEA 12 to maximize audit efficiency and effectiveness with its enhanced user interface, powerful integrations, advanced analytics, and smart advancements. IDEA 12 is the one-stop solution for audit professionals to reduce time and errors by automating manual, redundant tasks for delivering high-quality audits.


IDEA 12 comprises various enhancements such as:

  • Simplified navigation with a refreshing new look for achieving faster audits
  • Access IDEA Lab, Passport directly within IDEA for a more secure analytics experience
  • Built-in Smart Actions to accelerate fraud investigations and aid risk management
  • Advanced analytical capabilities to perform continuous auditing and monitoring


Caseware IDEA has been the industry leader for over 30 years and provides cutting-edge solutions for accounting firms, corporations, and governments. Increase the chances of detecting frauds, errors, or anomalies faster with Caseware IDEA by analyzing 100% of your data.


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