Beyond Excel: How to Use Data Analytics for Internal Audit

Excel is handy for so many things in business in general, and in certain areas of audit and accounting. However, there comes a time when it really starts to show its cracks. 


In fact, as BBC News recently reported, Microsoft’s leading spreadsheet software was responsible for 16,000 coronavirus cases going unreported for over a week. Because of Excel’s data limitations, Public Health England had to deal with the consequences of 8 days of incomplete data and 2,000 untracked cases per day. 


Human lives were on the line, and Excel fell short. 


This is a more severe example, but Excel and other basic spreadsheet tools fail internal auditors every day. That’s why we are presenting Beyond Excel: How to Use Data Analytics for Internal Audit in the 21st Century. This new whitepaper covers:


  • The capabilities, limitations and risks traditional spreadsheet solutions present. 
  • Why Excel can’t be used effectively for data analytics in internal audit.
  • How to go beyond Excel and discover a new world of data analytics for internal audit.


Download a copy today and learn how a future of possibilities awaits beyond Excel.

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